First Visit

Your first visit is usually scheduled 8 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. We will do a thorough review of your history and perform a physical exam. We will also perform a vaginal ultrasound to confirm dating. We will spend time orienting you to our obstetrical practice and provide information.

12 weeks

Your routine prenatal visits will include weight, blood pressure, urine testing and listening to fetal heart tones. At your 12 week visit we will draw a set of routine prenatal labs.

16 weeks

Prenatal visit and optional quad screen.

20 weeks

Prenatal visit and ultrasound to evaluate anatomy and growth. You will need two separate appointments.

24 weeks

Prenatal visit. Arrange for prenatal classes and pre-register at the hospital.

28 weeks

Prenatal visit and gestational diabetes screen. We will provide you with a glucose (sugar) drink and instructions so that we can do your screen at this visit. We will also check a blood count and perform an antibody screen if you are Rh negative.

30 – 36 weeks

Prenatal visits are every two weeks. We will perform a Group B Strep vaginal culture at your 36-week visit.

36- 40 weeks

Weekly prenatal visits. We will often check your cervix starting at 37-38 weeks to see if you are dilated.

40-42 weeks

We will generally let you go 7-10 days beyond your due date so long as both you and baby are doing well. Between 40 and 42 weeks we often do some additional testing (non-stress test and ultrasound to check fluid) to ensure that your baby is doing well. An induction of labor is usually scheduled between 41-42 weeks. Yet this may vary depending on your cervical exam and personal history.